“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes, not plans,” said Peter Drucker.

Building a business is not for the faint of heart. It’s full of daunting challenges, and for many, the most daunting challenge of all is writing the business plan.

Entrepreneurs are by nature action oriented. They want to get down to business. The business plan can wait till they have some extra time.

But inevitably, they keep putting it off because, more than anything, entrepreneurs hate getting bogged down in details and a business plan is nothing less than a whole lot of details.

Yet, any business expert will tell you that creating a business plan and reviewing and revising it regularly is the key to business success.

Just like you can’t find your way to a new destination without a road map, you can’t build a business without a plan that clearly and precisely:

  • Defines goals, objectives and benchmarks measuring progress;
  • Delineates the target market and how to reach them;
  • Designs a winning marketing strategy within the context of the current competitive market; and
  • Describes a distribution and operations plan to move the business forward.

The devil may be in the details, but that’s how businesses prosper and grow. And writing the business plan is not just a once and done project. It is a living breathing document that must be reviewed and updated regularly.

The American Marketing Group – Pam Danziger, Paul Friederichsen, Chris Ramey – have worked with hundreds of businesses – big and small, startups and established across many different verticals– to map strategies for growth through a business plan.

We have a proven ten-point outline of what information a business plan must contain and we can do the heavy-lifting to fill in the details for one, two or all sections as needed.

Besides helping you write the business plan, we can also keep you moving forward through regularly scheduled virtual meetings to track progress and advise as necessary.

Or maybe you’ve already got a business plan, but it isn’t working for you anymore. We can help with that too.

We offer a free 30-minute telephone consultation to discuss where you are with your business and where you’d like to go. We can help as your business advisor, sounding board, advertising and digital marketing agency, research firm and fractional CMO.

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